It's always easier to prevent than to cureIt's always easier to prevent than to cure

It's always easier to prevent than to cure

Dosage & Feeding InstructionsDosage & Feeding Instructions
Veterinary Grade Therapeutic Supplements - Nutritionally Dense High Potency Ingredients

Dosage & Feeding Instructions

Who we are

Who we are

A Family Owned, Veteran Owned company that is singularly focused on ensuring we are making supplements based on PROVABLE Science with REPEATABLE Results. We NEVER follow fads in the Veterinary or Pet Industries, we focus on the things that work and what will keep your beloved family member healthy as long as possible!
We fund our own research, we focus on real world subjects, living different lives, under different stressors and eating different foods. This uniquely allows us to gather the best data obtainable in our clinical trials. When we release a new formula or an upgraded version of an existing formula you can be sure we know it will work. When you become a Dr Kruger Pet Supplements customer, we become an extended part of your pets health care team. You are never alone in your quest to keep those you love healthy, we are always here to help!

This is why we do what we do!

Lora P.
This product is a lifesaver to my silver lab, Covid. At age 5 months he started to have seizures of the most horrible way. He would start throwing up , stumbling , fall to the ground and start twitching severely as he is throwing up . At first one every other week but at age 8 months they became more frequent like 3 -4 times a week . No medicine from the vets could stop them. I came upon this product, Maximum Strength Canine BIO-DEFENSE formula by Dr Kruger and started Covid on it. As soon as he was on it the seizures stopped. I continued on giving him the supplement thinking any moment... Read More
Dolores F.
This is why we do what we do! - #2
We're convinced that the Puppy & Pregnancy formula kept our little underdog alive and thriving during his first few days, and we'll never be without it during breeding, whelping and weaning.
I want to say that I have been using Dr. Kruger since 2002. It cured my dogs gut and allergies immediately and saved her life. She died of old age at 17 when I was told by the vet to put her down at 1 year. Needless to say these products WORK! They are a blessing. My dogs are never without it. So just want to thank you so much. 💗🙏🏻💗
Cheryl M
I have been using Dr. Kruger supplements for about 5 years. I have used the pregnancy and puppy formula for 3 litters of puppies and the difference has been amazing. I have a Samoyed who chewed all the hair off her tail. I doubled up the skin and coat to two scoops twice a day. Within a month she had all the hair back on her tail and this month I actually put her back in the show ring. I love these products!!!
Sandy M.
BioDefense Max stopped a brain tumor from growing, thus halting seizures and neurological symptoms, and 5 DVMs agree it likely shrunk the tumor
Holly H.
I've used it for years! Almost since the beginning of Rick & Cindy owning it. I've seen the Skin & Coat work virtual miracles: it regrew hair on a chemical burn on my rescue Papillon, and put a to die for coat on my show Papillon. The Joint has not only majorly helped my senior dogs, it helped several who were in a bad accident with me recover better, and a puppy who was growing so fast he had growing pains not only feel better but give his joints and bones the support they needed. I won't even consider breeding a litter without the Puppy and Pregnancy. It makes a HUGE difference in the... Read More


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