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Healthy Skin & Coat Formula – Highly Recommend!

I have been using Healthy Skin & Coat Formula since December 1, 2018 on my 21 month and 10 month old Irish setter based a a recommendation from their handler. My 21 month old is looking better every day. His tail is full and flowing and his chest coat is filling in nicely. My 10 month old already had a fantastic coat. This just seems to be making it shinier!

Susan G., Oklahoma

Canine BIO-DEFENSE Formula

Dillon had an MRI in September as he had been lame for a while with no improvement and even was worse! The MRI was shown to me by a very good Neurologist and showed he had (under contrast) a lesion/tumor around a nerve on the inside of his shoulder blade. I also saw the radiologist and surgeon at this specialty clinic and all agreed it was a nerve cancer known as Schwannoma (A schwannoma (sh-won-oma) is a tumour of the tissue that covers nerves, called the nerve sheath. These tumours develop from a type of cell called a Schwann cell, which gives them their name. Schwannomas are often not cancerous (benign). The most common type of schwannoma is a vestibular schwannoma).

A biopsy was inconclusive as it was a very difficult area to get into. The decision was made to keep him comfortable till I got back from a long planned 3 week cruise around the Panama Canal. Then we would repeat the MRI and biopsy to try for a better sample. At this time I also met a couple at a dog show that was selling Dr. Kruger supplements. I was distraught knowing that Dillon’s life would be shortened. (a leg amputation had been discussed as a possible cure but I researched and found it had a 72% chance of recurring and they told me only a 50-50% chance they could even get it all.

I would not do that to him) and so I was terribly upset. I talked to a Cindy with Dr. Kruger supplements and she told me to try Bio Defense. So Dillon had been on the Bio Defense max. dose for 1 week when I left for my trip. My pet sitter kept him quiet (Amy was with her handlers Randy and Jocelyn while I was gone). I got home and was amazed that Dillon had almost no limp! Since he was doing well and I was dealing with my brother’s cancer and pending brain tumor removal (John had a successful tumor removal but still has stage 4 kidney cancer). the MRI had to be put off for awhile.

Well Dillon has now had his 2nd MRI (even though he runs, trots turns etc with absolutely no lameness at all!) and the Neurologist, Radiologist and even the surgeon that saw his scan were AMAZED to say the least as there was no sign of the lesion/ tumor. I said could it have been an injury or trauma from playing too hard or ? and I was told that this area is not where they can get injured. The Neurologist sent an email with the information after the radiologist looked at the scans (I had also seen them with the Neurologist) but he also called me to say he had learned a lot in this case. He said he was beyond “stunned” that Dillon shows no sign of the cancer.

Laura Kelley., Washington State

Puppy & Pregnancy Formula, after he was 6 months old he moved to High Performance Formula and Healthy Skin & Coat Formula.

He has the “Doctor” written all over him. Well conditioned beautiful Brindle coat.

Jack W., Texas

Hi guys!!! Used the formulas the entire time we were in Mexico …. a month…, and I did notice smoother coats and my problem eater Chino, now woofs down his food.

Thanks again Maribess J., California

I have to thank Cindy Dunn and Rick Dunn for introducing us to the Dr Kruger Healthy Skin and Coat Formula. Deagan looked amazing at Westminster!! His coat actually glowed and all the hair on the underside of his neck has grown back

Cindy L. Johnston-Bennett, – California

We stumbled upon Dr. Kruger’s supplements when we adopted our first rescue, Chapman. Chappy suffered from recurrent diarrhea that we just couldn’t stop. Shortly after we began sprinkling the supplement on his food, diarrhea stopped.

We clearly saw the value so we started our older corgi, Charlie, on it.

Since then, all of our dogs have benefited from this wonderful formulation. Our current corgi, Neily, is now 11 and our vet says he “has the heart of an athlete.”

That the formula works so well is enough to keep us loyal, but the customer service is also extraordinary. Three years ago, my husband was seriously ill in the hospital. One of our shipments went astray and I contacted Rick to let him know. Without hesitation, he said, “no worries, we’ll send another”–and he did. More than that, he called a few months later, assuring me that he just wanted to see how Jack was doing.

These folks have an incredible product and they have a mission–to make the lives of dogs, and the families who love them, better. I wish we had more companies like this!

Jeanne H., – Louisiana I have been using your Healthy Skin & Coat product for over 25 years now.  Chuck was still alive and involved in the sport of pure bred dogs.  My first order of the products came from his booth at a dog show.  He claimed that it would not only provide benefits to the dogs but would help them utilize the dog food better.  I tried the product and was amazed at the results.  Within a month, the amount of food I had to feed my dogs to maintain a healthy weight was reduced and when you are feeding 5-6 dogs, that is a big savings.  They not only had better, shinier coats but my food bill went down and the amount of waste I put out for the trash guys each week was significantly reduced.

Best regards and thank you for continuing to make this product available.

Pam S., Wisconsin

I first used this product on Jake for an itchy skin condition. It took some time, but the improvement was obvious and his coat just glistens. Thank you for developing this product.

-Ronald A., Kansas

We have been using your product since last June. I started one of my Rhodesian Ridgebacks on it as she suffers from recurring bloat problems. She is 11-1/2 years old. She is doing very well. Now I have all seven of my Ridgebacks on the supplement, and I recommend it to anyone when they comment on the lovely condition of my dogs.

-Doreen K., Virginia

I have been amazed at how well this product works. I tried everything for the past year to get a good thick coat on my show dog, with no luck. After putting her on this product, she has the best coat ever. My other Shiba has eliminated his belching and gas problems since putting him on this product. I’m sold!!

-Diane B., Colorado

I’ve been showing dogs for almost 20 years now and have tried almost every supplement, food, and vitamin to come down the pike. Never, ever have I seen such obvious improvement in such a short period of time. I will continue to feed it to him and to others. Thank You!

-Sheri R., Texas

I have been using your product for one month. My dogs love it! I haven’t had anyone sick with upset stomachs. It must stimulate the hair growth in my breed. Dune has a whole new crop of coat growing out.

-Neva J., Virginia

I want to let you know how much my cats and I love Dr. Kruger’s. I have been feeding the product to my cats for about two months and have noticed a huge difference already. I have two Himalayans and one Persian. Their coats have gotten thicker and shinier since taking this supplement, and they have gone from having several fur-balls a month to almost none! The great part is they actually love the flavor.

-Denise E., Oregon

All of my dogs get some type of Dr. Kruger’s supplement. It keeps my old dog acting young and my show dogs in good condition.

-Virginia D., Texas

Great coat, wonderful shine. I can’t wait to see how the Puppy & Pregnancy formula works on my Corgi when we breed later this summer!!!

-Cindy M., Iowa

I use both the Joint & Muscle formula and the Show Dog formula. My 16 year old is doing wonderful on the Joint & Muscle formula, and my show dog looks stunning on the Show Dog formula. And I am a hard person to convince!

-Betty D., Ohio

We have now used one bottle of Dr. Kruger’s Show Dog formula and find our dogs are in superb coat and skin condition. There is less shedding and we are more than satisfied with this product.

-Patricia W., California

Lady acts as if she’s a puppy since she started on your Ultimate Supplement. As her actual age isn’t known, it seemed wise to put her on your Joint & Muscle formula. It works!!! Her coat is great and she is extremely active now.

-Mary H., Michigan

Your recommendation to use the Show Dog formula has been a God send. Our American Eskie had chronic diarrhea. He was responding marginally to Reglan, but after several weeks of treatment it just couldn’t clear the diarrhea problem. It was terrible, and we were at the end of our rope. Within two days of starting him on your supplement, he improved dramatically. After two weeks, his stools were perfect, and have remained perfect to this day. His mood seems to have improved too, which is no small wonder, given the discomfort he must have been in. Thank you for providing such a wonderful solution to dogs with diarrhea.

-Stephen M., Oregon

This supplement is wonderful for picky eaters. Their appetite picks up so their whole body condition looks much better. They look great, even on less food, yet their energy levels seem a “notch” higher. I recommend Dr. Kruger’s Ultimate Supplement to my patients and performance dog members.

-Donna S., Tennessee

Your supplements are wonderful! Tier has arthritis and had to stand and get his feet under him when we let him out of his crate, until we began giving him your supplement. Now he bounds out of his crate like a puppy and is off to chase in the yard. Our four show dogs thrive on the supplement and our brood bitch is about to be bred so we have started her on the Puppy & Pregnancy formula and will use it on the puppies also. Your products are terrific!

-Joseph G., Texas

I give the Supplement to my own dogs, and enthusiastically recommend it to my new puppy owners. The Ultimate Supplement keeps my dogs in championship condition, displaying show-quality coats, high levels of energy, excellent digestion and superior health. In addition, I appreciate the convenience of giving my dogs everything they need in one easy step. Dr. Kruger has developed an exceptional product that helps keep dogs at peak fitness.

-Fay S., California

I only have three bottles left of my first case of the Show Dog formula and all the dogs are doing great with improved coats and conditioning. I’m trying the Joint & Muscle formula for two of my dogs with hip dysplasia. All of my friends who have been referred to you just love the product as well.

-Cynthia W., Maryland

My Gucci has been on your Joint & Muscle supplement now for a little over a month. It is truly amazing. He now runs around the kitchen, whereas before it was almost an effort for him to walk. He would kind of walk real slowly – but now he actually trots and sometimes runs! I have referred two of my friends to you and they have purchased the product. It is a wonderful product and I’m so very pleased with it. I’ve tried several other things, but none have worked like your supplement.

-Julie P., Florida

I have had two doxies, 14 years old, on your supplement for two months now and want you to know how well they are doing. My one little girl was diagnosed with colitis. She did have thin stools and since being on the supplement they have been normal. My second little girl has arthritis in her spine and front shoulders, and is now very improved and active. I thank you for helping my little darlings. I believe your products to be extremely helpful to them both. Thank you again for your great love of animals and your concern for their health.

-Sharon R., California

My yellow lab, Abbey, just gave birth to six adorable puppies. She has been on the Dr. Kruger’s Puppy & Pregnancy formula for about a month prior to breeding and through her pregnancy. The delivery was very difficult and required assistance from the vet. One puppy didn’t survive. We have three very healthy females and two very healthy males. I am amazed at the quick recovery of Abbey, even though the delivery was difficult. Also, the puppies seem more active, content, and developing beautifully, more so than any previous litters. I really do believe Dr. Kruger’s supplement made a difference. Also, my daughter’s Cocker Spaniel is a very fussy eater. He would rather eat “junk” food, but when I sprinkle Dr. Kruger’s on his dry dog food, he eats it all with no hesitation. Thank you.

-Mary C., New York

Miracle of miracles. Your Ultimate Supplement has cured our dog’s chronic (over one year) intermittent diarrhea. After multiple courses of prednisone, approximately six courses of antibiotics and the million dollar vet workup, nothing made him better except your product. New world’s record…Mackey has had no diarrhea for three weeks thus far. Also his coat is improved. We have used your Show Dog formula for 30 days and cannot believe the results. Mackey also seems more relaxed and even tempered.

-Marlene & David B., New Mexico

My dog Harmon will be turning three on Monday and we found out just before Christmas that he has hip dysplasia. He was limping on and off and didn’t run around at the dog park much. He did retrieve and do limited agility but sometimes limped. I ordered a sample of your Joint & Muscle formula but couldn’t wait. I borrowed some from a friend. Even in the short time he’s been on it I can see a difference. We took him to the dog park yesterday and it was the first time he really tried to run and play. I can’t wait until he’s been on it for a few months. I hope to keep him off the anti-inflammatory medicine for ever and use your product. Thanks, you don’t know how grateful I am for this product.

-Bobbie W., New Jersey

My dog was in terrible shape and suffered many ailments. The most terrible one was irritable bowel syndrome. I had read many ads in my dog magazines about Dr. Kruger’s supplements and thought I would give them a try. A miracle! His coat is beautiful, his eyes are bright and his bowel movements are normal, and he (as well as my other dogs) loves the taste – they even lick the bowl! With other powder supplements I had to “hide” it with lots of other stuff, and they never would get the full benefit because so much of it was left over. I have highly recommended this to many of my friends – dog show friends as well as people who own household pets. Dr. Kruger’s is GREAT!!!! I cannot say enough about it. By the way, my 14-1/2 year old has perked up and had a much better appetite. I cannot thank you enough for creating this great product.

-Linda S., Texas

I have an 11 year old miniature Schnauzer that was hit by a car several years ago. He suffered a severe concussion and permanent nerve damage. After that accident he never recovered the agility and energy he once had. I recently started him on your Joint & Muscle formula and he is truly a new dog. It is such a joy to see him running happily around the house instead of the slow, disoriented shuffle we’d gotten used to seeing. I’m telling all my dog friends about this supplement. It really made a difference in Ryder’s quality of life. Thank you!

-Cindy W., Colorado

I have used the Show Dog formula and am quite happy with the results. I put my bitch Twist on it in July, and she won an Award of Merit in September at our National Specialty!! Great product! She has just whelped eight puppies two days ago, and I look forward to the results of the Puppy & Pregnancy formula.

-Denise F., California

I discovered your product while reading Dog Fancy one day. My “Helmut” was suffering with a pancreas disease that affects a lot of purebred German Shepherds. He was on the mend with daily doses of Viocase but he needed to gain back the 25 pounds he lost while being diagnosed. Helmut also suffered from hot spots every April like clock work. I decided to put him on the Show Dog formula and I cannot tell you how quickly he bounced back! He was back up to his weight of 120 pounds and his coat was beautiful and lustrous again. In February 2002, I purchased a “Plush Coat” German Shepherd from West German Lines who is Magnificent! Her name is Elka and she and Helmut were wonderful friends until he passed away in March 2003. I think Helmut waited until Elka was old enough to take over all his duties around here. His most important duty of course was being with me and watching over me. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do and I still miss him terribly. He will always be the King but he trained the “Queen” well. I credit Dr. Kruger’s Ultimate Supplement with making the last 4 years of his life comfortable ones. Elka has been on the Show Dog formula since I purchased her at 8 weeks. She draws a crowd wherever we go. She is a beautiful black and red and her coat is just beautiful. I thank you for your wonderful product and for making us feel like a family when I order.

-Pam G., North Carolina

Last year my dog Murphy injured his front let and had to stop agility training. I started using your Joint & Muscle formula and used it over the winter months. In April, Murphy started agility training again and he has not had any problems with his legs. He has been on the formula for about one year. In June, I adopted nine year old Tex. Tex was injured when he was two years old and his back left leg was amputated when he was four. When I got him he was not very active and when he walked, he would drag his rear end around. He has been on the Joint & Muscle formula for six months and he is much more active than he was. He can walk longer distances and he even runs to chase Murphy. It seems the formula does work.

-Anna P., California