To help you with any questions you may have about Dr. Kruger’s Supplements, we have compiled the most common questions that people have personally submitted to Dr. Kruger. If you do not find the answer to your question here, please feel free to submit your question directly to Dr. Kruger on the Blog. 

At what age do you recommend starting a pet on the Ultimate Supplement?

”Any pet that’s eating soft or hard food is a candidate for the Supplements. From small puppies to senior dogs — they’ll all benefit!”

Do pets readily eat it, or will I have to mix special food with it?

“Judging from their eager behavior at feeding time, pets love the taste. Just mix the Supplement with their regular food and watch them lap it up. But remember, nothing is 100% — so if your pet is one of the very few who do not care for the taste, simply mix the powder in a ball of liverwurst — he’ll eat it.”

Does this supplement enhance the functioning of the immune system?

“Yes, it certainly does. The overall health of your pet will be greatly improved, which means fewer visits to the vet.”

Should I expect to see any change in my pet’s activity level?

“Most pets become happier and are able to adjust more easily to stressful situations such as travel, work, etc.”

Do the Supplements change the amount and size of the stool?

”The Supplements encourages more complete digestion of food, and therefore pets that take it should produce a reduced amount of stool. Also, the size of the individual dropping will be reduced. Many pet owners tell me that once their pets have started taking the Supplement, they don’t seem to require as much food. This is because the Supplement allows pets to digest their food more completely and it enhances the absorption of nutrients through the intestinal wall. “

What is the first change I can expect to see in my pet?

“Your pet’s coat will begin to have the best possible texture. A pet’s general health can usually be judged by the nature and health of the coat.” 

Will the Supplements help my pet’s appetite?

“If your pet has been a problem eater, you will probably find that the Supplement stimulates his appetite. Pets really love the taste of this product. However, once again, if your pet is a finicky eater and won’t take the Supplement in his food, disguise the powder in a ball of liverwurst.”  

How long will it take before I see results with the Supplements?

“All supplements need at least a month trial period before showing results. However, many pet owners have told me they could see coat changes in their pets within 2 weeks of feeding them the Supplement.”

What are some of the positive signs I should notice when I start giving my pet the Supplements?

“Stools should firm up. Pets with oily skin should stop producing so much oil. Pet odor will be reduced. Pet odor is the result of bacteria growing on skin oil. Your pet will be less flatulent, and that will make everyone’s life more pleasant. Also, your pet will have better smelling breath.”

Should I give any other supplements with the Dr Kruger Supplement?

“No, our supplement does it all!”

Do you offer different formulas of the Supplements that may be better suited to specific purposes?

“Yes, we currently produce seven different formulations for dogs and one for cats.  Additional information on each of these formulas can be found on our Products page of our website.”

What are some of the positive signs that should be noticed when starting a dog on the Supplements?

 Dogs that are consistently fed the Supplement will have:

•  Better smelling breath.

•  Firmer, more compact stools.

•   A reduction in the amount of skin oil being produced.

•   Less flatulence, making everyone’s life more pleasant

•   Reduced dog odor.  This odor comes from bacteria thriving in excess skin oil.

What makes Dr Kruger Pet Supplements so special?

Ingredients that are all natural, not synthesized in a laboratory. There is absolutely no filler, just pure, all natural, preservative-free ingredients straight from the source. The 63 trace minerals are mined from Utah’s fossil-laden earth beds, live cultures are collected, dried out and extracted from the fermentation product, and live bacteria cultures are collected prior to mixing of the Supplement to ensure the utmost in freshness and potency.

Dr Kruger Supplement are also very cost effective.

Note: Using the scoop provided with each package, you would feed your dog 1 scoop of the supplement per 1 cup of food.
If your dog is fed one cup of food 3 times per day;

Dr Kruger Healthy Joint Dog Supplement 54.75 Ounce. 19¢ per scoop x 3 scoops per day = approximately 57¢ per day.

Dr Kruger Healthy Skin and Coat Dog Supplement 54.75 Ounce. 18¢ per scoop x 3 scoops per day = approximately 54¢ per day.