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We are routinely asked “Why can’t I purchase your formulas in my local pet store?”

This is a very good question and one that I can fully address here…
We are the only “Veterinary Grade, Therapeutic Supplements” company in the world. Our supplements are all Nutritionally Dense with High Potency, All Natural, Organic, NON-GMO, High Human Grade Quality Ingredients.
While we our company name says “Pet Supplements” our formulas are far beyond common pet supplements. These supplements achieve a level of wellness and prevention that puts our company and our formulas in our own category in two industries;

  1. Pet Supplements
  2. Veterinary Medicine 

We are the only Pet Supplements company in these categories and rise to the highest level of quality and results that no others have been able to achieve. Dr. Charles Kruger DVM founded this company in 1986 following proven and repeatable science and all of our formulas follow that simple approach to this day.

Those of you who have met us or have spoken with us by phone or through the internet you will note that we do not readily throw out supplement recommendations without taking a preliminary history on your pets health. This is no different than any Veterinary professional would do when you bring your pet into their clinic for treatment. We have to be sure that we understand your pet’s specific health issues and situation before we can recommend one or more of our supplements to help your pet regain its health.

This is why you are only able to purchase our supplements from us either online or directly at a dog show and through qualified Veterinary Clinics. Yes… I did say “qualified“. Veterinary clinics (Doctors and Staff Members) must go through a mandatory initial training on our formulas and agree to mandatory continuing education training on our formulas. These mandatory requirements are designed to keep these clinics as up to date as possible on our field results and findings on all our formulas.

We also offer and deliver to our Veterinary Resellers “free” case consultation services to help them choose the correct supplement protocol for those cases that fall outside of the norm.

Pet stores that have a zillion products on the shelf and have no vested interest in selling you the best product for your pet, they will sell you whichever product you are interested in purchasing. They have to pay for all of that inventory and they are more interested in moving that inventory as quickly as possible. They have a higher level of employee turn over and they have no interest in keeping their staff trained at the level we insist upon of our resellers. Also pet stores do not typically have a Veterinarian on staff.  I am not saying that Pet Stores are bad… I am just explaining the reality of their business.

Our continued focus in 2020 and beyond is to bring in more Veterinary Clinics as Authorized and Trained Resellers so that we can have more locations for you to be able to pick up your favorite supplements without having to wait on shipments to arrive in your mailbox.

If you want your primary Veterinary Clinic to become a reseller of our formulas then please talk to them, encourage them to contact us and we will take it from there!

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